Can You Control Your Own Heart Rate?

Trust me, it's not as easy as it sounds. But it's not impossible either.

The DataDog team has recently taken up a side project to build a mobile gaming app called "HeartRace." The main goal behind the game is to try to get your heart rate to the level that the app sets it at as quickly as possible. The app sets a heart rate goal based on your starting heart rate that it picks up from bluetooth heart rate monitors. Once the heart (which indicates your real-time heart rate) reaches the set line, the app will set a new goal for you to reach. The line could be set higher or lower--which means you may have to go from doing jumping jacks one second to breathing exercises in another.

Being the wearable-obsessed company we are, we are constantly testing different heart rate monitors and tracking our heart rates. Then we figured, why don't we go ahead and see how well we can actually control our heart rates? That is how HeartRace was born.

HeartRace is a fun tool that helps you better understand and control your own physiology. Datadog’s goal is to create this understanding, and use it to help train helpful stress responses. We hope this game finds a special place in your heart.

Available on iOS and Android :)