2017: The Time to Bury Bad Habits

Way too often we know the healthy things we should do in our lives such as eat right, reduce procrastination and exercise, yet we choose not to do them. We fall into bad habits more regularly, because our brains are wired for it. Eliminating simple barriers can put us on the road to success.

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On Feeling Lost

There are times where I feel completely lost. But like Seth indicates, sometimes when we're in a tight spot, it gives us the insight we need to move on. While stress can be painful, it is also an opportunity to re-orient.

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Open Letter to High Achievers

We accomplish goals to the best of our ability, but we constantly demands more of ourselves.  While we cling to the joy of reaching that goal, the course our mind takes to reach it is damaging and inefficient. What can we do to ease this discomfort and move forward?

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